Exhibition “A bit of enjoyment” has been inspired by the joy of life. In the multitude of unpleasant news injected daily into our heads by media, we forget that the purpose of our existence on the earth is to be happy and to infect others this happiness. In the world of rush, ruthless competition, flat mass culture, continuous lack of time, selfishness and negative emotions stimulated by modern, consumerist civilization we lose what should be the most important thing – happiness. Happiness does not require any special efforts or miracles, but some need to think about it and want to experience it.

Graduate of the Faculty of Precision Mechanics at the Warsaw University of Technology, photographer, member of the Association of Polish Art Photographers (ZPAF) (1991-1994 – President, since 2005 – Chairman of the Artistic Council), President of the Foundation Grand Press Photo (1992-2002). Author of the photos used in the press, advertising campaigns, books, as well as many individual and collective exhibitions. He also deals with theoretical reflection on photography and its social and cultural functions.

When:  11.10.2016 || 18:00 PM

Where: Museum of photography,  Królowej Jadwigi 1

The exhibition co-organized by: