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zdjęcie dla Vistuli K.Gębarowska

Photographer, exhibitions curator, cultural animator, founder of the Farbiarnia Gallery, director of the 1st International Festival of Analog Photography Lovers — VINTAGE PHOTO FESTIVAL. She studied photography at Lodz Film School and Gender Studies and English Philology at Humboldt University in Berlin. A graduate of “Polish and International Art Market” at the Academy of Finance and Business Vistula. She created “FARBIARNIA” – fine-art photography studio and gallery of fine-art photography in her hometown The City of Bydgoszcz. “Farbiarnia” for Photographers is what literary cafe for writers – a natural creative environment that includes: photographic studio, art gallery, vernissage cafe, workshop space and publishing house. Scholarship-holder of the Mayor of The City of Bydgoszcz and The Marshall of the Kujavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship for people involved in artistic creativity and the dissemination of culture.

team-maria-teresa-squared MARIA TERESA SALVATI

Founder and editor-in-chief at Slideluck Editorial: a selection of the best photographic works and multimedia presented during Slideluck events worldwide and of guests artists (

Maria Teresa conceived and curated the project BORN THE SAME: a selection of ten different works exploring sub-cultures and micro-stories working as reminder that we are all born the same, despite cultural, emotional and political conditions. The project was presented at Les Rencontres De La Photographie Arles 2017, during La Nuit de l’Année and it’s now travelling globally.

She co-edited and co-curated HUNGRY STILL: exhibition and publication produced and designed by Slideluck London, FORMAT Festival and QUAD, printed by AKINA Factory. The collective project showcases twenty-four of the best works that have contributed to the English platform, since its inception, with a selection of images combined with personal anecdotes and recipes.

She’s a personal branding consultant. She helps photographers to find their “spot of beauty” and vision, advises them on how to build their identity, and communicate via the most appropriate channels (i.e. social media). Now she teaches in Bari at F.Project School of Photography and Cinematography; in Rome at Officine Fotografiche; and she’s guest lecturer at the London College of Communication (LCC).

Adam Mazur 23032012 F©WWieteska ADAM MAZUR
Polish critic, art historian and an americanist, editor-in-chef of the “Shum” Magazine. He worked as a curator at the Centre for Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle. He is a lecturer in the School of Social Sciences, the Academy of Photography in Warsaw, the University of Arts in Poznan and for Museum Curatorial Studies at the Jagiellonian University. Former editor-in-chef of the “Obieg” Magazine. Member of the Association of Art Historians. Along with Lukasz Gorczyca runs




Paweł studied social science at the Warsaw University. He is also a graduate of the Media Communication Faculty at Poznań Fine Arts Academy. He lectures photography at the Faculty of Journalism at the Warsaw University and at Higher Study of Photography ZPAF as well. Paweł is also a member of the Polish Photographers Association since 1995 and a laureate of Prix de la Lumierre at the European Photography Contest-Vevey in Switzerland, 1998. In his work, we can distinguish two movements: one of the creational and symbolic photography and the second of the minimalistic compositions that are studies of nature, mostly plants, fruits and sometimes landscape. Many of his works develop with the help of unusual copying techniques giving one of a kind prints as a result. To his most known series belong “Tales” (orig. Opowieści) and “Untitled” (orig. Bez Tytułu) — photographs of still life and flowers. Especially important was “Close Friend” (orig. Bliski Znajomy) — series of self-portraits. Works presented at the exhibition are part of a broad series that is being created since 2008 about to be published this year in a form of an album. Since 1994 Paweł has participated in several dozens of collective exhibitions. He had as many individual ones in Poland and abroad including the one at the Arles Festival in 2004. His works are part of following collections: Bibliotheque Nationale in Paris, National Museum in Warsaw, Contemporary Art Centre in Warsaw, Museum of Art in Łódź and many private ones in Poland, France, Norway, Danemark, Holland, Belgium, Germany, Brazil, Great Britain, and the USA.

Spot Vintage Photo Festival 2016


7 October at 17.30 in the Dom Towarowy “Jedynak” will be held Vintage Photo Festival.  Free enter, stay tuned!

Music: Butelki Zwrotne

Film by: Agata Wiśniewska.

With help from: Kuba Zalewski,Wojciech Synak, Michał Dondajewski, Bartek Klekotko, Julia Ziółkowska, Agata Wiśniewska Photography, Zuzanna Muller i Błażej Karczmarczyk

Meeting with Tadeusz Rolke

Tadeusz Rolke was born in 1929 in Warsaw. He is a Polish photographer whose work spans sixty years of Polish history. His early photographs show the ruined, and then rebuilt Warsaw in the new postwar, communist reality. Rolke has been a photojournalist, a fashion photographer, publishing in Polish magazines such as Stolica, Ty i Ja, or Przekrój, and German ones such as Stern, Art, or Der Spiegel. What matters to him in photography is the moment, the spontaneity of the gaze, and the documentation of reality, in which he has remained close to the notion of photography as exemplified by Henri Cartier-Bresson. Since the 1990s Rolke has been working on a series portraying Hasidic centres in Poland and Ukraine, published as Tu byliśmy. Ostatnie ślady zaginionej kultury [We were here. The last traces of a lost culture]. In 2012, Piotr Stasik made a documentary film about Tadeusz Rolke, Dziennik z podróży [Travelogue]. 2×15, a joint exhibition by Tadeusz Rolke and a young photographer, Michał Gonicki, is currently on display at the Two Moon Art House & Cafe in Brooklyn, New York. Now he is a lecturer in Department of Jurnalism of the University in Warsaw and in the Warsaw School of Photography and Graphic Design in Warsaw.

When: 8.10.2016 || 17:00 PM

Where: Gallery “Farbiarnia”, Pomorska 68a/1

Meeting with Andrzej Zygmuntowicz

Andrzej Zygmuntowicz – graduate of the Faculty of Precision Mechanics at the Warsaw University of Technology, photographer, member of the Association of Polish Art Photographers (ZPAF) (1991-1994 – President, since 2005 – Chairman of the Artistic Council), President of the Foundation Grand Press Photo (1992-2002). Author of the photos used in the press, advertising campaigns, books, as well as many individual and collective exhibitions. He also deals with theoretical reflection on photography and its social and cultural functions.

When:  12.10.2016 || 12.00 AM

Where: Akademicka Przestrzeń Kulturalna (APK), Królowej Jadwigi 14

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