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“I Grew Up While You Were Sleeping”

dir. Marcin Sauter, prod. Poland 2018, 49 min, drama

Karalina studies and works in Poland. She is an emigrant from Belarus. Only one person from her music class at school in Minsk remained in her homeland. Everyone else has emigrated. All young intelligence is moving out from Belarus. The film tells the story of the emigrants. Their longing for their homeland, family and friends.

Where: Galeria Farbiarnia, ul. Pomorska 68A/1

Date and time: 21/10/2018, at 18:00

Free entrance.

Meeting with the director Marcin Sauter and Karalina Orsik-Sauter

During the meeting we will fully showcase previously unpublished material from the Super 8mm camera, which partially appears in the movie. It will also be a great opportunity to meet the music performer and the main character Karalina Orsik-Sauter.

Where: Farbiarnia Gallery, Pomorska Street 68A/1

Date & Time: 21/10/2018, 18:00

Entrance free.

Workshop with Piotr Marek from Leica 6×7 Gallery

Where do you start telling the amazing history of the Polaroid? From the fate of the visionary founder Edwin Land, or from how Polaroid influenced visual culture? From the presentation of over 250 of his different models, or from discussing areas such as eroticism, anthropology, fashion and art, in which Polaroid found its application? Or maybe it would be appropriate to start with photographers: Andy Warhol, Araki, Ansel Adams, and Chuck Close?

There are many roads to this wonderful story, and during the workshops, we will be able to draw our own as well. We will get to know the famous magic allowing us to see the photo within a few minutes from the moment of taking it. We’ll see what else we can discover or do with such photo. Not with the help of programs, but ideas, own hands, and a little bit of knowledge about this once popular technology. Polaroid is magic … let’s discover it together.

— Piotr Marek

Where: Barka Lemara, Rybi Rynek (by the granaries)

Date & Time: 14/10/2018, 12:00


Entrance free.

Monochrome Leica vs. analog photography on the example of Jacob Sobol’s art

Where: Farbiarnia Gallery, Pomorska Street 68A/1

Date & Time: 15/10/2018, 18:00

Entrance free.


The workshop will be conducted by Michał Mazurkiewicz, head of retail sales at Leica in Poland. For many years he has been associated with the 6×7 Leica Gallery in Warsaw. Michał Mazurkiewicz is also the executive producer of Polish and foreign artists exhibitions.

“Photos without the camera and disappearing images”

The workshop is addressed mainly to the youngest participants, showing unusual forms of creating images using light. In today’s reality, photographing is extremely easy, but the satisfaction of creating images often disappears due to the ease of their creation. To acquaint young adepts of photography with old techniques of creating images is both learning the history of the language of images and having an instructive fun. Luxography is one of the forgotten techniques. It is a photography based on thephenomenon of photochemical photosensitivity. It allows you to create images directly on photosensitive paper, bypassing the camera. At the same time, allows for unrestricted creation and is open to a chance, often so inspiring in the process of creative education.

In the world of visual excess, the adventure with the creation of paintings on canvas with a phosphorescent pigment that disappears after re-exposure is also surprisingly fun. Participants activate the imagination in the darkness,  creating an opalescent theater of shadows in the dark.

Classes for children from 6 to 13 years old.

WhereMuseum of Photography, Królowej Jadwigi Street 14

Date & Time: 20/10/2018, 11:00 — 13:00


Entrance free.


The workshop is run by the curator of the Photographic Museum in Bydgoszcz, Marek Noniewicz.

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