The exhibition summaries the fifth edition of the DEBUTS project, which aim is to promote the most talented emerging photographers. The project is open to photographers from around the world who are less than 35 years old. Their awarded projects, representing almost all photographic technics, can be viewed at the exhibition as well as in the occasional book publication.

DEBUTS_2018 laureates are: Kirsten Bitzer (USA), Michele Crameri
(Switzerland), Ilaria Di Biagio (Italy), Ewa Doroszenko (Poland),
Jean-Félix Fayolle (France), Jordan Gale (USA), Ilias Georgiadis
(Greece), Mirek Kaźmierczak (Poland), Paweł Łączny (Poland), Raj
Lalwani (India), Camille Lévêque (France), Sergey Melnitchenko
(Ukraine), Filippo Nicoletti (Italy), Valentyn Odnoviun (Lithuania),
Anna Pfeiffer (Poland/Italy), Natalia Poniatowska (Poland/United
Kingdom), Sergey Stroitelev (Russia), Gihan Tubbeh (Peru), Federico
Vespignani (Italy) and Adam Wilkoszarski (Poland).

This year, DEBUTS jurors were:

  • Peter Bauza (Germany/Argentina) – World Press Photo winner
  • Grzegorz Kosmala (Poland) – publisher and originator of the project
  • Isabella van Marle (the Netherlands) – head of Exhibitor Relations at the UNSEEN Amsterdam festival
  • Sarker Protick (Bangladesh) – World Press Photo winner
  • Elviera Veighe (Belgium) – director of the FOMU Fotomuseum Antwerpen

Partner of the exhibition:

Where: Foyer in Miejskie Centrum Kultury, Marcinkowskiego Street 12 — 14

Monday to Friday: 10:00 — 18:00

Saturday: 12:00 — 16:00

Entrance free.