“12 FACES”

According to Emmanuel Levinas, a face can never be fully characterized, never fully described. It is something infinite, an indeterminate element that storms the unity and peace of our world. Thus, draws our attention, calls us to talk, directs us face-to-face. “12 Faces” tell stories of cruel and inhumane experiences, recorded in two ways. Written on paper and images captured on large format film. Syrian refugees living in Turkish camps are not always willing to talk, but their postures, facial expressions and emotions do not require additional commentary and explanations. The face, like a mirror, reflects the fear, anxiety, helplessness, resignation, denial, anger, but also the pride and respect. Emotions, known only to those who looked war in the face.

Photographs were taken at the end of August and beginning of September 2012 in Islahlye, Turkey, at the refugee camp close to Syrian border.

Filip Ćwik – A member of Napo Images Agency and Napo Foundation. He studied cultural studies at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. Winner of numerous photo contests including World Press Photo. In years 2001-2013 he made over 70 covers, realized 60 reportages and countless portraits for Newsweek Polska. In years 2010-2012 he taught courses in press photography in the Journalism Institute of the Warsaw University.

In his work he tries to find balance between the commercial and press commissions and his own, long-term projects that go beyond the documentary definition. He has his own portrait studio in Saska Kępa in Warsaw. A collector of non-professional family photography, created by anonymous authors.

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