Born in 1957 in Rovaniemi, Finland, close  to the Arctic Circle. In 1986 gradu, a hotographer from the University Art and Design in Helsinki, aced as p Finland/ department of photography and as Master of Science (MS) from the University of Helsinki/ Ecological zoology. I have had dozens of solo exhi_ bitions and participated in numerous group exhibitions both in Finland and abroad. Many public and private art collections include art works of mine. In 2000 i received The Finnish State Award for Photography.


The choice of the camera obscura method as a tool in 1996 was a natural corol-lary to years of working with pinhole photography. Both techniques are slow and unpredictable and compel one to slow up and stop amid the daily routi-ne. Moreover, the actual process is crucial in both. They present a challenge to experiment and extend conventional photography. My idea in embarking on the„Interior/Exterior” project was a nocturnal inspira-tion in 1996 after seeing some black-and-white images of Abelardo Morel in a photo magazine. In the room converted into a camera obscura I could capture an image of a person and at the same time that person’s room and the view from the window – what an all-encompassing method by which to photograph a person’s living environment! The originally documentary idea soon expanded in a new direction. The pictu-res began to form not only a person’s living environment but also to constitute an excursion into the mental landscape: reflections of memories, reveries, fears and dreams. Working on this series was for me like taking photographs for a family album: visitations to people and also to myself. To take the pictures I transform people’s rooms into camera obscura by covering the windows of the room with blac-kout plastic and placing on top of the hole cut in it a simple convex lens. Then the view outside the window is reflected upside down into the room forming a dreamy layered space. This and the occupant of the room I thenphotograph with a conventional camera. In camera obscura darkness, silence and slowness compel one to contemplate the world in a novel way, from new angles. When the space transforms into a “dark roo m it conjures upthe core and magic of photography a is my most gain and again. That is when I feel most acutely that „Interior/Exterior” 1 am working with light. with the ost extensive and long-lasting project accoM met od. So far I have been working with this project in Finland and, Norway. Italy and France, and the work continues.