07.10.2017, 12:00-14:00

Bydgoszcz Photography Museum

Królowej Jadwigi 14

no admition fee

Curatiorial tour of museum’s collections

Guide: Marek Noniewicz


Museum was founded in November, 2004 on the initiative of inż. Ryszard Chodyna, board of Bydgoszcz Photochemical Plant FOTON and the authorities of University of Economy. Museum’s first residence was the building of the former Bydgoszcz Photographic Plate Factory “Alfa” (FOTON’s progenitor), on Garbary st. 3 – at the time place of business of closed branch of Fujifilm Polska Distribution S.A. In 2006 decision was made to transfer the exhibits to the renovated XIX-century coachhouse on Królowej Jadwigi st. 14, located on the leeve of Brda. With the participation of architects and artists, an interactive space was created combining the exhibition with active learning about photography (photography darkroom, atelier, specialized reading room).


Since January 2017 Marek Noniewicz is the museum curator

Since 2012 Photography Museum is a part of the TeH2O: Bydgoszcz Water, Industry and Craft Trail