‘Teresa Gierzyńska. Nastroje’

The two series were put together: About her – the one that Gierzyńska started in 1979 and Black, White and Green – started in 1984; both of them are continuing to this day. The dominant feature in these two series is a mood. At least that was the intention of the artist – to describe those moods that we feel in a cyclically changing landscape: euphoria, fears, expectations, ecstasy, depression. All of this due to the fact that we are a small part of a great and powerful nature. The technique used to take and produce all of the photographs was simple: black and white negative and the work Gierzyńska had to put in the darkroom using the enlarger and further dyes, crayons and punches on developed bromines, sometimes even scissors. For her own needs, the artist broke off with a common “noble” attitude to photographic prints. For her, it was rather a piece of exposed paper for further (often brutal) processing. Gierzyńska also did not see (as a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts) the sense of producing volumes and calculating prints. As a rule, each print was unique; even if there were 2 or 3 enlargements of the same motif, they were significantly different as a result of interference (sometimes still in the shooting phase). Introducing color to exposed black and white enlargements was an attempt to familiarize with the color in photography; Contrary to appearances, this is not a simple matter. By the way, the desired effect that added mystery and anxiety in the forest or field shots was obtained.

During the opening of the exhibition, there will be a meeting with the artist, led by Małgorzata Czyńska, among others the author of the interview My kingdom with Edward Dwurnik.

EXHIBITION: 10—21.10.2017

TUESDAY—FRIDAY 10:00—17: 00 SATURDAY 12:00—17:00