Gum bichromate – a noble non-silver photographic technique. Welcome to the one-day photography workshop, which is dedicated to create an image with one of the oldest photo-techniques. Gum bichromate can create a beautiful image since it has a large tonal range, with the possibility to choose hue and saturation and to interfere with the image. The surface of a well-made gum bichromate image feels closer to painting than to photography. During the workshop, participants will prepare the mixture with which they will coat the photographic paper, then they will expose it, develop it and fix it. The technique of gum bichromate is very fickle, so participation in the workshop will help to learn many practical nuances, which will be shared with the participants. The workshop is aimed primarily for the lovers of unconventional photography, especially those with an artistic soul. We are waiting for students of art schools and for experienced artists who are looking for new ways of their expression. There can be max. 8 people in each group.

When: 16th October 2016 || 10:00 AM

Where: Gallery “FARBIARNIA”, Pomorska 68a/1

Entries: – the number of places is limited

(Attention! Entries for the workshop is closed)

Cost: 30 pln

Organizer’s bank account number for the bank transfers:

PL 96 1750 0012 0000 0000 2336 4123

ul. Pomorska 68a/6
85-051 Bydgoszcz