Laurent Benaim is a French photographer born in 1965 in Paris. He now lives in Leipzig, where he moved his studio. His photographic work explores all types of bodies and sexualities. He’s been using Bichromatic Gum for the past 25 years. By using this technique, Benaim reinforces, theatralises and dramatises the scene, aiming to exult the bodies.

This technique was used extensively by the pictorialists in the last century (1850 – 1930). Although his work does not resemble that of the artists of that time, this process allows to intervene directly onto an image and to give it a personal interpretation. Indeed, the artist uses both the painter’s and the photographer’s tools: brushes, pigments and negatives. Each development is carried out with a whole series of tools to adapt oneself, which constitutes a phase of undeniable creation, and thus of interpretation. It is precisely in this gesture that appears the singular character of the gum bichromated, far from the mechanical movement and reproduction to infinity.

To do this, the artist mixes a solution of gum arabic and non-oily pigment. He then sensitize it with a saturated solution of potassium bichromate. He lays this mixture on a sheet of paper previously gelatinized, after drying in the shade, and then insolates it by contact under a negative. Finally, he develops in water and intervenes with a brush to modulate the final result.

Where: Farbiarnia Gallery, Pomorska Street 68A/1 (in the courtyard)

Vernissage: 12/10/2019; 7.00 pm

Monday – Friday– 10.00 am – 6.00 pm
Saturday – 12.00 am – 4.00 pm

Entrance free (exhibition for adults only)